It can be difficult to decide who to trust these days. Recently, an elderly woman suspected that one of her caregivers might be stealing from her. She hired AFPI Global & Affair Investigations (AFPI) to see if they could track down her stolen mementos and identify the thieves. Through careful investigation, the AFPI team was able to find her belongings and turn the culprits over to the police. The woman now has her treasured possessions back and peace of mind about who she is letting in her house.

If you have questions that need answers, George Taylor and his team of investigators can help. His services include workman comp cases, unfaithful partners, computer/ cell phone forensics, elder abuse, teen issues, unfit parent/child custody concerns and finding missing persons.

Taylor, a retired federal law enforcement agent after 26 years, prides himself on professionalism and discretion. He is a certified P.I. and a Board member of the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators. He moved to East Cobb from Miami in 2006 so his daughter could benefit from the fantastic school system. He opened AFPI Global & Affair Investigations to help people in East Cobb and the Atlanta area.

As a private investigator, you might think that George Taylor would be a cynical person. However, he still sees the good in people and wants to help them achieve peace of mind. He is a “truth seeker” and works with corporations, lawyers, families and spouses to investigate their concerns.


AFPI Global & Affair Investigations owner, George Taylor

The AFPI team uses the most advanced technology and surveillance equipment to find the truth fast. Obtaining answers to family problems that weigh heavy on the heart and keep his clients up at night is his passion. He recommends consulting with his team before you start investigating on your own. As a third-party consultant, he can provide evidence that you need – and that won’t be dismissed in court.

Taylor also conducts security evaluations for homes and local businesses. If you are worried that you may be watched, recorded or tracked without your permission, the AFPI team can conduct a counter-measures sweep of your home, automobile, phones and computers. Their forensics tools can also check your smart phone to ensure that it hasn’t been hacked or being monitored and also discover deleted messages and texts that may have been hidden.

In this age of technology and social media, it’s not easy to know everything our children are doing online and especially on their phone. Taylor’s team can provide suggestions to help parents with his “Parent Help Program.”

Recently, a child went missing, and he was called to assist. Within days, he had found the child hundreds of miles away in a home with a registered sex offender who had befriended the young girl online and had changed his name to hide in the community.

AFPI’s reviews speak for themselves. One client shared, “Working with AFPI for the past few months has been an enlightening experience and an eye opener for me and my company. An employee of 12 years had been stealing me blind for years. Thanks to George Taylor for his perseverance and professionalism to get to the bottom of our issues and not give up.”

George’s team also recently helped with a stalker case that impacted an entire family.

“AFPI Global Investigations has been such a pleasure to work with. I decided to call a Private Investigator after my ex-boyfriend spent hours texting, calling, harassing and stalking me. George worked with me day and night to help make me feel safe and secure; He was always a phone call or text away no matter what time it was. I strongly feel my case was made a top priority. I cannot express in words how thankful my family and I are for the time, effort and resources provided for my case, so that we could collect evidence needed, and to help my family and I resolve the issue at hand,” the client shared in a review.

For more information about how AFPI can help you, call 404-697-9362 or visit The first hour of your consultation is complimentary.

This article originally appeared in the January issue of EAST COBBER, on page 6. Click here to view the digital edition.