The 14th Annual Cobb Diaper Day is being held virtually in September and October for 2022. Through the efforts of the Cobb Diaper Day, more than one million diapers have been donated to assist low-income families in Cobb County. The goal this year is to collect more than 100,000 diapers.

Organizations, companies and individuals are encouraged to participate in a variety of  ways:

  • Make a donation at
  • Purchase diapers on Amazon through the Cobb Diaper Day Wish-liss
  • Declare a day to collect diapers from your fellow employees, organization members, neighbors or friends
  • Drop off donations one of our community collection days:
    • October 12th:   9 am to 12 pm 
    • at the Cobb EMC Solar Flower Garden in Marietta, Georgia. 
    • October 26th:   4 pm to  6 pm at the Cobb EMC Solar Flower Garden in Marietta, Georgia. 

Cobb Diaper Day was founded by the late Barbara Hickey in 2008 to help families in Cobb County. Barbara envisioned the community coming together to support local families in need and reminded us all that it is often the little things in our lives that make the biggest difference. Low-income families often have the daily stress of choosing between food and diapers. Prolonged wearing of a wet diaper causes diaper rash, and a crying baby leads to more stress in the home. Low-income families also face additional challenges:

  • Food stamps do not include hygiene products, such as diapers.
  • On average, the cost to purchase diapers is approximately $100/month.
  • Day care centers require parents to provide their own diapers.

To help ease some of the burdens of the thousands of families in critical need, diaper donations will be distributed to the community through the following community partners:

  • Cobb Douglas Public Health Teen Pregnancy Program
  • Communities in Schools of Georgia in Marietta/Cobb County
  • LiveSafe Resources
  • MUST Ministries
  • Ser Familia
  • Simple Needs GA
  • Sweetwater Mission
  • The Center for Family Resources

For additional information, please visit  


Cobb Diaper Day is a 501(c)3 organization that was founded in 2008 by Barbara Hickey and a group of concerned community leaders, Cobb Diaper Day works to raise awareness of the need and expense of diapers for families in need. Securing the most basic of needs such as diapers for infants and children is a constant challenge for families who often are forced to choose between food and diapers for their families. Since its inception, Cobb Diaper Day has supplied over one million diapers to the Cobb community.