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~ since 1993 ~
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Cynthia Rozzo

Cynthia Rozzo created the free monthly publication, EAST COBBER, in 1993 to serve East Cobb County residents by providing a forum for them to share their ideas and a source for them to learn more about their community.

As a local businesswoman, Cynthia has served as past president of the East Cobb Business Association and is a member of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce. She has also received recognition for her work:

  • East Cobb Business Association’s 2018 Business of the Year
  • Cobb County Precinct IV’s 2017 Citizen of the Year
  • East Cobb Citizen of the Year 2011
  • Spotlight Award presented by the East Cobb Division, Cobb Chamber of Commerce in recognition of “your tireless and committed efforts to the community”
  • “Woman of Achievement Award” presented by the Cobb County YWCA
  • “Honorary Life Membership” presented by the Georgia PTA
  • Leadership Cobb Class of 2008

Prior to establishing EAST COBBER, Cynthia Rozzo was the marketing/public relations manager for an educational publishing company. She has hands-on experience in all aspects of direct mail, advertising and publicity campaigns and also edited a corporate magazine and newsletter. In addition to growing EAST COBBER online and in print, she produces the annual EAST COBBER Community Parade and Festival.

Cynthia received a Masters in International Relations from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Her undergraduate degree in Public Administration was earned at Indiana University, Bloomington.

An East Cobb County resident since 1991, Ms. Rozzo lives in the Park Ridge subdivision with her husband, George Haralabidis, and three children, Lee, Nikos, and Eleni.

“The EAST COBBER has had a tremendously positive impact on the whole community. The publisher saw a need that no one else saw at the time and she provides a great service to the community.”

Grainne Owen

“The EAST COBBER really seems to have a pulse on the community it serves and Cynthia knows what kind of information to bring to people to keep them coming back for more. It has a good mix of feature stories and social information. . . Cynthia brought the EAST COBBER parade to our community and really knows how to unite people through a shared sense of ownership and pride in the communities they live in.”

Jennifer Wadsworth

“As a resident of East Cobb for the past 23 years, I enjoy the local articles and especially look forward to the annual parade, mother of the year, camp and father of the year issues. I just picked up another issue and was impressed with the congratulatory articles, calendar of events and inspirational stories. Keep them coming! You have a great publication!”

Phil Saucier


With over 80,000 households and 215,000 residents, “East Cobb” is defined within particular ZIP codes of Cobb County, Georgia: 30062, 30066, 30067, 30068, and 30075. It’s one of Atlanta’s most desirable communities!


East Cobb residents are well-educated and affluent, having the highest median household income in Cobb County.


East Cobb has the largest population under 17 years old in Cobb County and offers a variety of family-friendly activities.


East Cobb has experienced the highest percentage of growth in Cobb County – and continues to be an attractive place to relocate!


Residents lead active lifestyles, getting involved in schools & civics, churches & synagogues, and recreation & leisure.

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