The idea of a hair salon for children came to Sabra Dupree from her experience cutting hair for the young ones in her circle of family, friends, and neighbors. What has evolved over the past 20 years is a full-service salon called KIDS KUTS SALON that can span everything from baby’s first haircut, a hairstyle for the father-daughter dance, and a prom updo to coloring when that first bit of gray pops out.

Although she holds close to her children’s salon roots with the pink mini coupe and batmobile chairs still the favorite, Sabra decided to grow with her clients. “Since I opened the salon in 1999, my original clients have grown up,” says Sabra. “They had become family, and I didn’t want them to age out of coming here just because the name of the salon had KIDS in it. So I expanded the business to include those customers’ needs. There were also the kids who wanted their whole families to join in. From that, I started cutting, styling, and coloring parent’s hair as well.

“As time has gone by,” she continues, “I discovered that growing the business with my customer base was the absolute right move. This has been confirmed by the fact that some of my early customers now come home from college, drop by to say hello, and get a haircut.”

When asked why she didn’t change the name of a salon as the business changed, Sabra says that she still has a special place in her heart for children. “I love the conversations with my younger customers, as well as the opportunity to mentor them through our talks,” she says. “Don’t get me wrong — adult conversations are great, but there is nothing more honest or pure than a conversation with a child.”

Sabra and her staff have put into practice their kid-centric attitudes. Over the years, they have embraced many special needs children for haircuts and other services. Word spread quickly that KIDS KUTS was the place where special needs children are welcome.

The KIDS KUTS staff currently consists of seven stylists, including Sabra. As the owner, she has apprenticed six stylists during her two decades. And because the turnover is low, several stylists have had long careers at KIDS KUTS, contributing to the family business atmosphere and demonstrating a commitment to the community. Sabra estimates that over a quarter of a million individuals (many repeats but based on appointment numbers) have graced her doors since 1999.

According to Sabra, each stylist has her own niche and talent that she brings to the salon. “This creates a well-rounded staff,” she says. “The most important thing to us is guest experience. With all of the talent that we have to offer, each customer can get exactly what he or she needs, whether that is a baby haircut or the latest treatments in hair loss.”

KIDS KUTS has become a full-service salon that fits all ages. Customers can
book many services including a children’s Princess Package that includes a haircut, quick updo, nail polish, makeup, and magic fairy dust; eyelash extensions, eyebrow threading, and facial waxing; and Japanese/Keratin straightening to name a few. The salon also offers classes on how to braid, apply makeup, or properly blow dry hair. Customers are able to book these classes with a specific stylist.

Celebrating 20 years, Sabra is giving her salon window a facelift with then-and-now family photos, compliments of Andrea Mages Photography, LLC. Pictured are some of her customers’ early childhood haircuts paired with current photos of those now tweens recreating those scenes. Come check them out.

KIDS KUTS SALON is located at 2323 Shallowford Road, Marietta. Hours are Monday (11-6), Tuesday-Thursday (10-7), and Friday-Saturday (9-5). The last appointment is 30 minutes before closing. For more information, visit or call 770-924-4950 for an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.