Whether you need an accountant or someone to mow your lawn, it’s natural to ask a colleague for recommendations on products or services to make sure you are making an educated decision. Everyone wants to make the right choice, and “word of mouth” helps consumers feel comfortable with their purchase.

As more people and business owners search for items and services on the Internet, they automatically seek out products and services that have strong customer reviews. 5 Star Links is a local company that helps businesses expand their online presence on search engines and generate more positive reviews.

Cobb resident Gary Troutman identified the need for this service when trying to find a physical rehabilitation facility in South Carolina for his father after surgery. Gary only had a list of facilities, but he didn’t know anyone to give him a personal referral. “That’s when I realized how important reviews could be to customers,” said Gary.

After years in business development for technology products, Gary started 5 Star Links because he wanted quality businesses to survive in the age of technology. The company’s philosophy is that the owner of the business should focus on doing what they do best and let 5 Star Links help boost their online presence through search engines, online directories and reviews.

“Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, yet many businesses have a limited Internet presence or zero reviews,” said Gary. 5 Star Links provides the technology and expertise for businesses, so that local customers can easily find them and can read word-of-mouth referrals from real users.

“5 Star Links has been tremendous in helping our company not only revamp our website and make it SEO compatible but also in helping us establish a system for getting online reviews. The changes in our online presence has increased substantially without spending an enormous amount on advertising, but utilizing the strategies formulated by 5 Star Links,” said Sheila Dickerson, a 5 Star Links customer.

For more information on how 5 Star Links can help your business, visit 5StarLinks.com or call 404-920-4770.

Reprinted from EAST COBBER’s April 2016 issue


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