Overactive bladder? Enlarged prostate?

Erectile dysfunction? Don’t assume that symptoms of these conditions are just part of aging and something you have to suffer through. These issues affect millions of Americans. When you are faced with a difficult (or sometimes embarrassing) condition, it’s important to see a urologist you can trust. The medical team at Advanced Urology is dedicated to providing patients with the best possible outcomes, and they’ve recently opened a full service and convenient location in Marietta.

Advanced Urology provides one-stop, patient centered care for a variety of conditions, including overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, low testosterone, urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis and kidney stones. They are also one of the few providers that offer InterStimTM and UroliftTM, minimally invasive options to treat overactive bladder and enlarged prostate when medications stop working or for patients with significant side effects from medications.

Jason Lomboy, MD and Chirag Dave, MD are the two lead physicians at the new Marietta office.

Dr. Lomboy grew up in a family of doctors and knew from a young age that he wanted to take care of people. In medical school, he decided to focus on urology because he was able to be a part of technical advances in the field of surgery, while still helping patients over the long-term. He completed hisresidency at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC and specializes in a variety of urology conditions, including enlarged prostate, overactive bladder, and urologic cancers. While at UNC, he had extensive training in da Vinci robotic surgery. “Our goal at Advanced Urology is to get our patients back to a better quality of life quickly,” says Dr. Lomboy. “We do this by focusing on innovative treatments and making sure the entire patient experience is a positive one.”

Dr. Dave specializes in all aspects of general urology, as well as men’s health and vitality, erectile dysfunction and male infertility. He completed a fellowship at The John Hopkins University, where the practice of urology started, and is an expert at microsurgery, prosthetic surgery and robotic surgery. Dr. Dave has published numerous textbook chapters and has presented his research at national and international meetings.

Dr. Dave is a Cobb County native (attended The Walker School) and knew that after his extensive
training, he wanted to come home and serve the community that raised him. “I wanted to provide world
class care to my community and give patients the best care possible. At Advanced Urology, that means ongoing research and innovative solutions, improved delivery of healthcare, and real time tracking of outstanding patient outcomes,” shares Dr. Dave.

Advanced Urology is known in the medical field for quality customer service and convenience. They offer same-day appointments and accept most insurance providers. Their locations include an onsite imaging center and lab, and most locations have a dedicated surgery center. The surgery center allows them to provide world class healthcare with as little exposure to infection as possible.