Here is the winning essay written by Natalie Kerekes from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:

“While every mother is special, some are extraordinary in their willingness to help not only their own families, but others. When James was diagnosed with CF at just 3 weeks old, Alexia Cargal knew her life would change immensely and that the needs of James and the hardships of his daily regimen would be her new normal. But despite putting James’ immense needs in front of her own, she has not only served as his advocate for this invisible disease, but also served all children with CF with her dedication to improving lives and finding a cure. Despite Alexia’s hectic schedule as a working (and expectant!) mother, you can find her working feverously for the CF Foundation translating our materials into Spanish, fundraising year-round through multiple campaigns, speaking at several foundation events, and advocating for the CF population. She never hesitates to attend and fundraiser for any (and almost all) CFF Georgia events, including her Great Strides team, her participation in the Peachtree Society, the time she dedicates as a patron and ambassador family for Cars & ‘Q for the Cause on May 4. She goes to great lengths to ensure that James life has few boundaries–whether its trips to the park, zoo, music class or aquarium and intentional time with extended family, she is resolute in providing James with a life full of opportunities and not limitations.”

This article originally appeared in our May issue of EAST COBBER, on page 6. Click here to view the digital edition.