ATLAS Medical Centers, located right in East Cobb at 3036 Roswell Road, has been helping patients take back control of their health with their unique medical services for the last two years. From the moment you walk in the building, you are greeted by cool, blue, and calming décor, a fitting start to your holistic health journey with ATLAS Medical Centers.

ATLAS Medical Centers aims to help everybody achieve better health, from people with joint pain to people wanting to look – and feel – younger. Dr. Lori Lynch, the Medical Director for ATLAS Medical Centers, describes the primary focus of the center as a unique combination of regenerative and functional medicine unlike any other practice in the area.

“Regenerative medicine teaches the body how to heal itself,” Dr. Lynch explains. She goes on further to say, “Regenerative medicine focuses on healing and regeneration of damaged and aging tissue through natural resources that your body already produces. We use PRP (platelet-rich plasma), amniotic allograft, and exosome therapies at ATLAS Medical Centers.”


Dr. Lori Lynch

The human body has the amazing ability to heal itself with the tools it already has, and ATLAS Medical Centers expedites that process with their available services, tackling common patient complaints like aging tissue.

ATLAS Medical Centers offers several regenerative treatments services, such as therapeutic joint and spine injections, aesthetic services such as non-invasive body sculpting with EZSculptMD, injecting PRP for hair restoration and sexual restoration, and RF microneedling with PRP for facial rejuvenation. The other primary focus of ATLAS Medical Centers is functional medicine.

Dr. Lynch goes on to describe functional medicine as “more about identifying the cause of the dis- ease and preventing it, instead of just giving you medicine to cover up the symptoms.” Functional medicine aims to evaluate the body as a whole, digging deeper into the root cause for common issues such as weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive. Dr. Lynch explains: “For example, if you are overweight, we will dig in and target the reason for why you are gaining weight – what are your triggers? What can you do to manage them and get on a healthier life path?”

The medical center’s functional medicine services include testosterone replacement, hormone balancing, stress evaluation, and detailed nutritional analysis to help provide a foundation for health and longevity.

“Our biggest focus at ATLAS Medical Centers is helping our patients make informed decisions, and to help them live long, healthy lives in every way possible,” Dr. Lynch says.

ATLAS Medical Centers wants to make its regenerative healing services affordable and accessible to everyone; Medicare now covers amniotic fluid injections, which can be used to address joint pain, back and neck pain, and provides an excellent alternative to cortisone injections and surgery in many cases.

You can follow the medical center on Facebook and Instagram in order to see patient testimony, exclusive promotions on services, before-and-after photos of some of their services in action, and more. Their Facebook and Instagram handle are both called regenr8md.

For more information on the services ATLAS Medical Centers offers, and to plan your visit, go to their website at, call 770-578-0785, or email