We are back at it, working on the EAST COBBER annual Pet Guide. Our Pet Guide provides information on local pet resources and groups as well as celebrating East Cobber’s furry friends by featuring them in this special section. Whether your pet is a feline or equine, a frog or a dog, we would love it if you shared your favorite photo with us. Be sure to enter today. Don’t wait too long before the deadline runs, swims, slithers or hops away. Send us your favorite photo of your non-human companion and we’ll do our best to have it end up in our 2018 Pet Guide special section.

  • Okay to send pics with you and your pet.
  • Make sure your photo is in focus. Everyone loves fuzzy pets but not everyone loves fuzzy (blurry) photos.
  • More than one pet? That’s fine. Send us photos of all of them and we’ll do our best to make them all fit.

Email photos to cynthia@eastcobber.com. Photos must be of high resolution: 300 dpi resolution and sent as a JPG attached to the email. Be sure to include your name and the pet’s name.

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 19, 2018.