Long-time resident of East Cobb, Jim Salimi, is excited to announce the return of Car Wash USA in a new location in the East Cobb Crossing shopping center (near Dick’s Sporting Goods and Party City). Last year, Jim sold his long-standing hand car wash on the corner of Old Canton Road and Roswell Road, after 17 years in business. After reading Facebook posts about how much customers missed the car wash, Jim decided to come out of retirement and re-create Car Wash USA with even better amenities and services.

“I am passionate about cars and people, and I only hire car washers who feel the same way. They take great pride in doing a great job, and it shows,” shares Jim.

In 2002, Car Wash USA was the first California-style car wash in East Cobb. Jim first thought of building this type of car wash in East Cobb while on a trip to Southern California. He noticed there were no drive thru car washes to be found, only hand car washes. The benefit of this type of car wash is a thorough cleaning without streaks and swirls. This is because the hand mitts used to wash cars are switched out early and often, reducing the risk of dirt and grime getting stuck in bristles and mitts and scratching the top surface of a car’s exterior.

As an East Cobb resident himself, Jim was bothered by an empty lot in a local shopping center, so he decided to open a car wash at that location. His goal was to offer a premium hand car wash at a great value and that is what his team provided customers for 17 years.

Car Wash USA also offers ceramic coating, as well as buffing, waxing and detailing. They also condition leather seats, shampoo carpets and mats, and repel rain water on windshields. When detailing the inside of the car, they use targeted air systems to get to even the tiniest corners.

The new location offers a comfortable waiting area, reminiscent of someone’s backyard patio. For customers, there are free refreshments, WiFi, charging stations and a pleasant, air-conditioned viewing area.

Jim is happy to be out of retirement and seeing all of his old customers. “The people in East Cobb are like a small family. They respect the value of money and if you provide a quality service, they will become your customers for life,” says Jim.

The car wash is open Monday-Saturday: 9am-6pm and Sunday: 10am-5pm. You can drop in at 1454 Johnson Ferry Road during operating hours or book an appointment through their Facebook page, facebook.com/HandWashUSA.