You’re invited to a special baby shower! This Leap Day, February 29, come learn all about Chattahoochee Nature Center’s (CNC) efforts to help injured wildlife during a wildlife baby shower. The special event is sponsored by Northside Hospital, which has guaranteed matching all donations, up to $5,000. The wildlife team rely heavily on donations to do their work and accommodate the animals. Without the help of the community, CNC will not be able to support all the baby animals who come to us this year.

This day is a great opportunity to meet wildlife technicians and learn about what they do as well as get up close to some amazing animals. Learn from the professionals what to do when you find a baby animal. On this day, CNC will have unique wildlife walks with specialists dishing all the best stories about our rehabilitated animals as well as fun and games for the whole family to learn about their favorite baby animals. CNC takes in nearly 40 young birds of prey (raptors) and reptiles each year for rehab, with hundreds of calls a month of people who have found animals and are looking for advice. The majority of young raptor patients come in due to nest loss, such as from a storm or trees being cut down, and from good Samaritans who might not know when an animal is actually in need of help. Native rep- tiles in Georgia, such as turtles, are independent from birth and do not need a parent around. As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, CNC treats over 600 injured raptors and reptiles each year. Certified wildlife technicians care for the animals. If the animals can be released back into the wild, they will be; otherwise they may end up on CNC’s grounds for educational purposes. All resident animals at CNC are injured and non-releasable.

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Nature Center will happily accept the following gifts:
• Canned mixed vegetables (no salt added)
• Canned cat food (shreds/chunks; no fish flavors)
• Perfume and dye-free laundry detergent
• Gift cards to Petsmart and Petco (for mealworms and crickets)
• Repti Bark reptile substrate
• Zoo Med PowerSun or Exo Terra UV bulbs (100W or 125W)

Wildlife Baby Shower
Saturday, February 29 • 10am–5pm Chattahoochee Nature Center 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell 30075