From wearing masks to limits on indoor dining, parties, and travel, life for families in 2021 has included many changes. However, Cobb families’ ability to choose how they educate their children has not changed. In fact, they now have even more flexibility. 

Cobb County School District (CCSD) administrators understand that COVID-19 has impacted families in many ways, and choosing what type of learning environment is best for their family is an important part of the District’s COVID-19 response. Just as District leaders have done in past years, Cobb Schools continues to prioritize listening to our parents as we partner with the community to educate each and every student no matter the unique struggles they have faced over the past year. 

When making decisions, we continue to adhere to the values that have always made Cobb Schools the best place to teach, lead, and learn. 

That is why Superintendent Ragsdale made the decision to give Cobb families another opportunity to choose whether they want their student(s) to learn in a face-to-face classroom or in full-remote. 

Parents once again expressed appreciation for the choice model we have used during the 2020-2021 school year: 

“So so SO thankful to have the choice! My kids are so much happier and doing so much better since returning…” 

“My husband and I are SO thankful to have a choice! For our daughter, remote learning has been exactly what she needed and what we are comfortable with!”

“We love our choice of f2f. Cobb is doing a great job, and cases seem to be pretty low in the schools. Awesome job, Cobb county.” 

As with the first semester, most parents selected the face-to-face option. For the Spring semester, approximately 66% of Cobb families have chosen face-to-face learning, with 34% opting to learn in full-remote. As for East Cobb schools, Mabry Middle School has the highest percentage–80.6%– of its students choosing in-classroom learning.  Wheeler High School has the highest percentage of students –53.7%–choosing “full-remote” learning. For a more detailed breakdown, by school, of how Cobb students will be learning during the second semester of this school year, click here: Updated Family Choice for Second Semester.xlsx

No matter the learning environment, parents can be assured that students are learning everywhere. The classroom setting may look different, but the quality of the education has not changed, and neither have the highly skilled teachers who will continue to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Next semester, Cobb families will also have a third opportunity to choose the learning environment that works best for their family. Details, including specific dates and instructions, on how to access the third-choice window will be provided by mid-winter.