The Witness to War Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, is dedicated to preserving the oral histories of combat veterans by conducting free video interviews that honor their service, preserve their stories, and promote the education of military history for future generations.

It is about the ‘foxhole’ or ‘windshield’ view of combat as seen by the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who experienced it. It is about the fear, the emotions, the training, and the previously untapped wells of personal courage that enabled ordinary individuals to survive, and in some cases thrive, under extraordinary pressures and almost unimaginable danger.

The Witness to War Foundation is dedicated to understanding, as much as possible, what it was like to ‘be there.’ To date, the Foundation has helped capture the stories of over 2,400 veterans across the country, all at no cost to them.

Martin Madert with Witness to War Foundation will conduct interviews with combat veterans October 29-November 2 at Cobb Senior Services.  Please contact Mike Nichols at 770-528-1448 to schedule your interview or for more information.  Every veteran receives 3 DVD copies of their unedited interview in addition to having a copy donated to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. To learn more about the Foundation, visit