Starting in France and winding her way through six countries, Aurelie Barrial has now settled in East Cobb to launch her new business, Cosmose Coaching. She describes herself as an integrative nutrition health coach who can help you discover balance not only through nutrition, but also through harmony in relationships, career and other facets of your life.

French by birth, Aurelie with her husband and two sons have moved for her husband’s career around the world to places like Madagascar and Brazil. Along the way, Aurelie found a passion for family harmony and health and began a journey several years ago as a health coach. The recent move to the United States added another concern on her plate.

“I was astonished by the food system in the states,” explains Aurelie. “There are good shops and good produce, but there is a lack of knowledge on how to eat properly. Most people don’t pay attention to what is in the food they buy and eat. When this is the case, families, especially children, pay the price with health issues, including lack of energy and diminished focus on schoolwork.”

Aurelie’s research on how to combat this problem led her to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City. She has recently become certified as an integrative nutrition health coach and is offering her services through her newly revamped business, Cosmose Coaching.

Aurelie’s holistic approach does not involve diets or fads. It simply relies on what works best for an individual or a family through a customized balanced approach to healthy eating and lifestyle choices. How does it work? The first one-hour consultation is free. Aurelie visits your home for a conversation with you about health history, the foods you like to eat and lifestyle. If you want to proceed, the program continues for six months, with two one-hour sessions per month, email support between sessions, printed materials for reference, food samples, pantry review and grocery store tours.

“My goal is to help families get back to the dining table and use that as the basis for improving health and happiness,” says Aurelie. “Once we set goals, I help individuals or families explore new foods, understand and reduce cravings, increase energy and generally feel better in their bodies.”

Also on tap for Aurelie is an upcoming book to be published in May 2019 with 100 of her recipes and organizational instruction on a balanced lifestyle. If you are interested in finding out more about Cosmose Coaching, visit or call Aurelie at 678-643-5289 for a free consultation.

This article originally appeared in the February issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on pages 43. Click here to view the digital edition.