Conventional wisdom tells us there are many factors people use when determining where to buy a home. What is the number one factor for people selecting a new home? You don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out… location, location, location. But, the second greatest factor for home buyers is schools. The school district or even a specific school within a district can drive demand for a particular area. Ask any real estate agent you know and they will confirm that having strong schools and an overall strong district can affect home prices by as much as 10 percent over a neighboring district. A 2013® survey of nearly 1,000 prospective home buyers showed that 91 percent said school boundaries were important in their search. How does this theory hold up in East Cobb? The Janice Overbeck Real Estate team did a little research and pulled the following stats about houses sold in East Cobb County from January – December 2017.

East Cobb Home Sales by School District

This article originally appeared in the March issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on pages 23. Click here to view the digital edition.