East Cobber Neeahtima Dowdy, creator of We’re Not Dead Yet: Women Rocking their Next Chapter, is on a mission to motivate and inspire women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond to live their best life now.

“Society isn’t the problem anymore,” Neeahtima said. “Over-50 and over-60 influencers have huge followings tens and are getting huge income from sponsors. Maye Musk (Elon’s mom) graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition at 74. If we want to
step out of the shadows, we just need to do it.”

Neeahtima said as she was crossing the 50-year mark, she started noticing women around her who were reinventing themselves after 40 and 50. “I started wondering if there was something more I could be doing,” she said. “I wasn’t sitting on
the sofa… I kept busy, but I wondered if there was something bigger.”

One day, she had a light bulb moment: “what if I had a YouTube channel where I interviewed these inspirational women, to motivate the rest of us to reinvent ourselves.”

Since launching her YouTube channel last September, she’s interviewed women—many East Cobbers—with varied stories of reinvention. She’s featured a stay-at-home mom turned artist, a widow who opened an art gallery, a financial services professional who started a pie company, and an over 50 hip hop dance troupe, just to name a few.

“These women share common themes of overcoming fears, taking that first step, failing forward, and most importantly doing
what gives you joy,”she said.

Neeahtima has built an audience on YouTube as well as a growing a We’re Not Dead Yet community on Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, and Facebook. She taught herself video editing and built her website. She has appeared on several podcasts and on WATC-TV’s Atlanta Live program.

“I think there is unlimited potential for We’re Not Dead Yet,” Neeahtima said. “It is resonating with women, who are increasingly wanting to maintain that growth mindset throughout their life. At 56, I’m going to keep pushing the envelope of my comfort zone and follow the path wherever it leads.”

You can find her content here: www.werenotdeadyetwomenover40.com.