The Silver Pen Program, now a statewide award, was created over 25 years ago by the Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden K (KCMGK). Since then, the Silver Pen Award has been presented by the KCMGK to Cobb County Fourth grade students. The essay completion was competitive since the award was open to all 4th grade students on a school-wide level. 

Jim Perry, past president of the KCMGK and Silver Pen Award presenter, summarized it this way, “The Club challenges all fourth graders in three schools to write a comprehensive essay on a topic assigned by the Club. Teachers  in each section of fourth grade send their best two submissions to the school administration. One paper from each  class is submitted to the Club, which has a panel of judges  selects the winner from each school. The Silver Pen Award  was our Signature Program for many years, and its success  became widely known. Now, this is an approved program  for Kiwanis Clubs throughout the Georgia District.”  

This year, the KCMGK awarded the Silver Pen Awards  at three Cobb County schools: Acworth, Rocky Mount,  and Tritt Elementary. The winning students were ASHLEY LANGAN, Acworth ES; JAMES THORPE, Tritt ES; and DEANNA  MUNK, Rocky Mount ES. Each winner was presented with  a silver pen in a velvet sleeve, a roll of $25 uncirculated  one-dollar coins acquired directly from the Philadelphia  Mint, and an engraved plaque. The presentations were  made during the morning broadcast to the whole school. 

Everyone was incredibly proud of the Silver Pen  Award winners; however, the most surprising change  observed by us, the adults (parents, teachers, and  Kiwanis Club members), was the delivery! At each  school, the SP awards were presented LIVE, to each  classroom, via a “closed circuit” in-house TV system. “We  never had anything like this when I was in Elementary  School,” one parent went on to say.” Both students and  adults are thankful for all the technological changes  that have taken place in our schools over the years. For  more information on Kiwanis Club of Marietta Golden  K visit: or email: