After it was announced in early May that the founder and publisher of the EAST COBBER, Cynthia Rozzo, was retiring, its very own sales rep stepped forward and offered to purchase it. After a some weeks of getting the legalities worked out, the purchase was made official this week.

Longtime East Cobb resident Laren Brown, who has worked in the magazine’s sales department for the past 8 years, will now be the publisher. The 46-year-old, a native of Oklahoma, has lived in East Cobb for 22 years.

“I want to bring (the magazine) to the next level,” Ms. Brown shares. “I want to enhance what is already here. The EAST COBBER will continue to promote the exceptional people and events that make East Cobb such a great place to live and uphold the value the magazine has built over the years.”

There will be a July/August 2022 issue, followed by September/October and November/December. Starting in 2023, the magazine will resume its traditional publication schedule of eleven times per year: January, February, March, April, May, June/July, August, September, October and November, December. 

“We wanted to move quickly so the momentum was still there,” Brown said. “After the sale, we didn’t want to skip a beat.”

In addition to the printed magazine, its digital presence ( and, and the website “will be updated often between issues so we can effectively communicate to our readers 24/7,” Laren said. Ms. Brown also promises to revive the EAST COBBER Parade and Festival in 2023.

Laren commented on her decision to take the helm: “The brand itself and also the magazine is wanted and needed here . . . There’s nothing else like it in this area.”

 “I am thrilled EAST COBBER will continue to embody the vibrant, thriving East Cobb community under Laren’s very capable care,” shared EAST COBBER Founder Cynthia Rozzo. “I wish the best of luck to Laren and her talented team. I look forward to seeing her creative imprint and enjoying many editions in the years ahead.”

EAST COBBER was founded in 1993 by Cynthia Rozzo.