For the next few weeks, we are publishing interviews with an EAST COBBER team member to offer insight into their personal lives, hobbies, and more! Here at EAST COBBER we have some of the sharpest and nicest people in East Cobb on our team — but in addition to their day jobs, our employees have a wide array of hobbies, talents, and interests that make them truly unique.The following Q+A features Laren Brown, a Community Marketing Executive on the EAST COBBER sales team.

Age: 45

Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Degree, College: Texas Tech

Job Title: Community Marketing Executive

What you do for the EAST COBBER: Advertising Sales

How many years have you been working for the EAST COBBER? 6 years

How long have you lived in East Cobb? 20 years

Family: Husband, Jonathan Brown; Ashley, 25: UGA 2018 graduate; Alex, 20: Motlow State baseball player in Tullahoma, Tennessee; Jon Walker, 12: Mabry Middle School; and, Nathan, 9: Garrison Mill Elementary School.

Favorite part about working for the EAST COBBER? Interacting with the community in which I live.

Favorite color: The color a seaside sunset makes

Favorite Music: I love all music

Favorite Song: I truly cannot pick one

Favorite pastimes/hobbies: Baseball

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite place to vacation: The beach

Beer, wine or cocktail? Beer and wine

What is your “why?” :To raise good and decent humans. Once completed it will then become “Why not?”

Name one thing people may not know about you: I went to 11 different schools in 12 years.

Last book read: Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Favorite inspirational quote: “Fall seven times, stand up eight”