East Cobb resident Jean Wollam was honored at the May East Cobb Civitan meeting for 25 years of service to the organization. Jean is a mental health nurse and has overseen multiple projects for the organization during her tenure. Presenting the award to her is East Cobb Civitan President Michael Krengel.

Civitan International is a global organization impacting lives at the grass roots level through local service clubs. Members of Civitan share a Servant’s Heart and a desire to create positive change for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. There are currently 40 clubs in the Georgia District, including Camp Big Heart, a service club dedicated to providing inclusive overnight camping for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. For more information about Civitans International please contact Mary Karras, Governor Elect at 678-689-4978 or MARRYKARRAS@synovus.com.

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