Submitted by owner Bonnie L. Weiss

Pet’s Name:  Carrie

Animal/Breed:  American Short Hair Tuxedo Cat

Age & Gender:  19 years old, Female (born March 2002)

Favorite Food:  Chicken

Favorite Person:  Used to be Dad; now it’s Mom

Best Trick:  Being nonchalant while she pulls food dish away from her sister

Turn Ons:  Feline Greenies Smartbites – Tuna Flavor

Turn Offs:  Strangers in the house

Favorite Toy:  Cloth fish filled with catnip

Last Seen:  Sleeping on her blanket on the bed in the guest room

What makes your pet so special:  She “talks” with us

Owner’s Name:  Bonnie L. Weiss

This  “Pet of the Month” first appeared on page 10 of the September/October print issue. You can go HERE to read the full issue!