Every year, the Georgia Department of Education honors students who carried exemplary course loads  during their four years of high school, performed  excellently in all courses, successfully participated in  interscholastic events at their schools and in their communities, and assumed leadership roles in extracurricular  activities sponsored by their schools.  

GaDOE’s Office of Communications coordinates the  Georgia Scholar Program in partnership with local school  districts and schools. 

“These 177 Georgia students have made our state  proud through their stellar efforts in the classroom and  in their communities,” State Superintendent Richard  Woods said. “The Georgia Scholar designation is a recognition of their leadership and diligence. I wish them  great success as they continue into their futures, and  know they will continue to contribute to their communities and to our state.” 

19 Cobb Schools seniors earned the high distinction  of Georgia Scholar in 2024—the most of any school district in the state—and represent six different high schools  around the District.  

“Being named a Georgia Scholar is an elite honor  and requires an extremely rare level of focus and per severance for all four years of high school,” said Cobb

Schools Board Chair Randy Scamihorn. “For Cobb to  have the most Scholars of any school district in the state  proves once again that what we are doing is working.  Results like this reinforce the fact that Cobb is the Best  Place to Teach, Lead, and Learn.” 

With eight Scholars, Wheeler had the most of any  school in Cobb. Walton was right behind with seven, and  Campbell, Hillgrove, Kennesaw, and Sprayberry each  had one. East Cobb schools have 16 Scholars. 


Here’s the full list of Cobb’s 2024 Georgia Scholars: 

Marissa Copeland (Campbell HS) 

Zeina Rmaile (Hillgrove HS) 

Lilian Tow (Kennesaw Mountain HS) 

Isabella Sternagle (Sprayberry HS) 

Emily Baker (Walton HS) 

Omer Inan (Walton HS) 

Daniel Lee (Walton HS) 

Collin Marbutt (Walton HS)

Olivia Packer (Walton HS) 

Lydia Zeng (Walton HS) 

Stephen Zhu (Walton HS) 

Haya Fatmi (Wheeler HS) 

Venya Gunjal (Wheeler HS) 

Aashna Kshirsagar (Wheeler HS) 

Romil Mehta (Wheeler HS) 

Misha Patel (Wheeler HS) 

Sameeh Pottayil (Wheeler HS) 

Shreya Prakash (Wheeler HS) 

Suchita Vanguri (Wheeler HS) 

Congratulations to each of these outstanding Cobb  Schools seniors and Georgia Scholars!