Language is so important in today’s world. Imagine the global opportunities available to a child if he or she knows four of the world’s top languages. The Quadrilingual Academy is the first school in the area (and possibly the nation) that immerses children in four different languages at once. Students learn Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

The school offers classes for Toddlers, Pre-K, and Elementary students through First grade. They plan to grow the school into a full service Elementary school. Unlike schools that ask children to choose one language track, the Quad Academy strives to make kids lifelong learners of four languages. The curriculum incorporates songs, stories and activities, in addition to site words and vocabulary. The goal is to have at least one formal hour daily in each of the different languages.

The small classrooms are also an alternative to large classrooms and virtual learning options in today’s COVID-19 environment. School starts August 3 for in-person learning, and they offer rolling enrollment for ages 6 months through First grade. The class sizes are capped at six for Toddler 1 & 2, nine for Toddler 3 & Pre-K, and eight for Elementary.

The owner and her husband, Jessa and Jim Depew, are medical professionals, so they have implemented the strictest health standards based on COVID-19 safety guidelines and recommendations. The classrooms have been completely renovated to include waterproof silicone mats, hand washing sinks in all 9 classrooms, and to promote learning within spaced small groups. Rooms will be cleaned daily with an ionizer EPA-registered to kill COVID-19.

The couple started the school after identifying a need for a place for their own children to learn. When Jessa studied abroad in France while in high school, she saw firsthand the impact of speaking another language.

“It’s the difference between communicating and connecting,” she says. “Once they learned I spoke French, the local people and culture opened up in ways that wouldn’t have happened with a language barrier,” says Jessa. “I want to open up the world for my children and our students.”

Call 404-777-QUAD (7823) or visit for more information or to schedule a tour. The school is conveniently located near Truist Park at 2581B Spring Road, Smyrna 30080.

This article originally appeared in the August issue. You can access the digital August edition HERE.