Customized, flexible and private describe the workout regimens as well as the facility at Fitness Together East Cobb. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in the community, Fitness Together continues to help East Cobbers achieve a healthier lifestyle.

From very early on Monday mornings through Saturday afternoons, trainers and clients work together on individual fitness goals.

On a recent Friday morning, Trainer Sean Sullivan and East Cobb resident Tristina McElreath met at 9:45 a.m. and immediately jumped into a workout designed specifically for her preferences and needs in an exercise suite that allows for privacy and no distractions. A thorough review of Tristina’s fitness goals had revealed that she liked and had participated in kickboxing. So Sean incorporated kickboxing into her fitness program.

“There is so much I like about Fitness Together,” says Tristina. “The reason I first decided to check it out was because I wasn’t making time for me with a busy family and work. I needed to get back on course with a fitness routine, and I discovered how to do that at Fitness Together.

Scheduling workouts is flexible and fits easily into my schedule. The trainers focus on form, safety and helping clients with a workout that’s best suit- ed for them, as well as provide helpful nutritional information. It was also great how Sean took the time to find out that I liked kickboxing and then worked it into my routine. And, so important to me, is that it’s always clean – no gym smell ever and no sweaty mats from the client before.”

Owners Mike and Katie Warechowski have been a part of Fitness Together East Cobb since it first opened in 2002. The couple met while obtaining degrees in exercise and health science at Kennesaw State University. Mike was the first trainer hired at the East Cobb location, and Katie joined a year later. Then in 2007, the owner decided to sell the business, and the Warechowskis became the new owners. Ten years later, the Warechowskis employ a fitness center manager and six trainers while they operate the administrative aspects of the business. Fitness Together East Cobb recently moved to a new location at 1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Building 400, Suite 412 (across the street from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church) to better accommodate its clients.

With many fitness centers in the community, Katie says several factors set Fitness Together apart from its competitors. One of the main factors is the privacy that is offered in the studio layout. She explains: “Our fitness studio is comprised of four private suites, which is beneficial for both the client and trainer. For the client, there is no pressure to compete with others and no intimidation surrounding the workout. It’s all about that client and his or her individualized program. For the trainer, there are no distractions and no other trainers using the same equipment. This scenario allows for an efficient workout.”

Katie goes on to explain that just like Tristina and the incorporation of kickboxing into her routine, each client receives a one-on-one assessment of his or her current fitness level. “Not only does the trainer help that person get to where he or she wants to be in terms of a healthier lifestyle, but the trainer also customizes the routine to the client’s specific likes and dislikes,” says Katie. “Our trainers establish detailed goals and then track those goals to ensure they are met and maintained. And it’s important to add that all the trainers know what they are doing. They have college degrees in exercise science or in a related field and are nationally certified.”

According to Katie, most of their clients are in the 40s, 50s and 60s age range and are looking to “reclaim their health.” Many are starting from scratch, having never worked out or having not worked out in a long time. Along with a customized program, each client receives nutritional counseling.

Small group training sessions are also provided for those who like the camaraderie of working out with others. These consist of two to six people and focus on circuit training, cardio and strength.

Fitness Together East Cobb offers 45-minute sessions for both individual and small group training. Monthly memberships are available, and custom and package rates are competitive.

Hours are Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m., and Saturday, 6:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. If you are interested in checking out Fitness Together, mention EAST COBBER Magazine and you can receive an introductory offer of three sessions for $99.00. For more information, visit or call 770-321-1347.

With 15 successful years behind them, the Warechowskis plan to continue maintaining their signature family-style environment. Promoting flexibility and customized programs for their clients will also continue to remain at the forefront of their business. Long-term growth may entail opening a Fitness Together facility in a neighboring community.

Finding a Healthier Lifestyle at Fitness Together East Cobb 3

Finding a Healthier Lifestyle at Fitness Together East Cobb 4