Making the decision to get into shape and commit to a daily workout regime can be difficult and intimidating. As you take that step into improving your health with a consistent fitness routine, it is important to find a place that offers you the tools you need to achieve your specific body goals while also aligning with your current starting point. You cannot move at 60 mph without
starting slow and building your way up in an environment that motivates you to continue making progress without the feeling of judgment. Fit Body Boot Camp does just that with a friendly and experienced staff committed to connecting with you to help with your needs at a comfortable pace.

“One thing that really sets us apart is the people,” said Matt Cremers, the Owner and Operator of the Sandy Plains location. “At the end of the day, whether you are an Olympic athlete or you’re just trying to get off the couch, there are days that you just don’t want to do it. If you are looking forward to seeing someone, whether it is a coach, staff member or another member, it can make all the difference.”

For over a decade, Fit Body Boot Camp has been devoted to helping people of all ages and fitness levels experience significant body transformations at an affordable rate. Their 30-minute interval workouts cover a multitude of different exercises while catering to your comfort level and guaranteeing results. Each individual exercise station runs for 30 seconds before offering a 15-second break leading into the next one. According to Matt, the boot camp is perfect for the “every day person just trying to get back into the gym.”

“We create a fun atmosphere and family-like comradery with our members. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be intimidated. We want you there. Everyone belongs. We will help you every step of the way” he said. “Everyone works at their own pace. . .there’s no pressure or intimidation. Just come as you are.”

Because the boot camp firmly believes in helping others feel happy and healthy, they have recently decided to give back to those who share these same values. For this reason, Fit Body is offering discounts for all emergency medical service (EMS) and public service employees residing in the Marietta and Cobb County area. In addition, active employees in these fields can nominate hardworking co-workers who go the extra mile for a chance to win one free membership each month. “We’re wanting to do those [memberships] to give back more than anything, and help people that are helping us,” Matt said.

Fit Body Boot Camp is located in the Village Shopping Center, 4651 Woodstock Road in Roswell/East Cobb. For those who
are unsure if it is right for them, the boot camp is currently offering a two-week, free-trial period for workouts. For more information about workouts and starting your membership, call 770-627-0707 or visit

When asked what he hopes for each of his members, Matt replied, “We want it to be a good fit for you. . .we want you to feel at home. We want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and boost your quality of life.”