Halloween is full of longstanding traditions like trick-or-treating and haunted houses, but many of those customs can put you at higher risk of getting or spreading COVID-19.

The CDC is encouraging Georgians to consider some lower risk creative alternatives this year that will still allow for plenty of fun.

  • Have a virtual costume contest.
  • Plan a movie night and connect with friends online while watching the movie “together.”
  • Have a socially distanced costume parade down your street or in your neighborhood.
  • Drive around and look at houses that are decorated for the holiday.
  • Have a Halloween party for those living in your household.

If you make the decision participate in trick-or-treating, consider the following:

  • Put individually wrapped goody bags on a table in the front yard so children can grab and go.
  • Place a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table.
  • Talk with children about safety and social distancing guidelines and expectations.
  • Make sure children wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after returning home.


  • Large group gatherings are highly discouraged.
  • Indoor gatherings carry a higher risk than outdoor gatherings.
  • Typical Halloween masks are not substitutes for cloth facemasks that are recommended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. By the same token, cloth masks should not be worn underneath costume masks because that could make it hard to breathe.
    Consider using a Halloween themed cloth mask.
  • Social distancing, wearing cloth facemasks, and washing hands helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • If you or anyone in your household has tested positive, has symptoms, is waiting for test results, may have been exposed within the past 14 days, or is at high risk for complications from COVID-19, do not take part in any in-person festivities.


For more Halloween safety information, visit the following pages.


Have a Happy Halloween and please do YOUR part to help keep everyone safe!