East Cobber Sharron Ragan loved her 25 year career in the marketing division at Coca Cola. She thrived on the opportunities to deploy her intuitive sense of what motivates people, what inspires, what ultimately resonates a feeling of personal success, however that is defined for each of us.

When she retired, an awakening, a need to create an organic place to support those seeking balance, joy and spirituality all while instilling artistic variety and expressions in their lives led her on a new path. And from this Heart Soul & Art was born, a pleasurable stroll through art, unique crafts, custom jewelry, majestic crystals and stones to create personal balance in mind, being and spirit. Adjacent to the shop is Creative Expression Studio.

Some call it “New Age,” some say “Metaphysical,” there really isn’t a label that adequately sums up the movement that brings inner peace and balance through the healing power of stones, crystals, scents and expressive art.

Over 9,000 crystal and stones, handmade jewelry, art, candles, incense, salt lamps, wind chimes, Feng Shui products, Tibetan bowls, natural soaps, bath products are available. Classes on understanding stones and crystals, art therapy and personal health coaching is available and private parties are rapidly booking up. Shoppers are given literature about the stones and how to benefit from their power in their daily lives.

“It isn’t a matter of whether you believe in the transformative power of stones,” said Ragan. “Here we want to welcome people into a place with the elements to help balance energy, offer tools for meditation and an opportunity to rethink how to reach happier, more peaceful days that inspire energy, optimism and through that, reduce the stress we all face each day.”

The public is invited to the next class on understanding the top ten stones, free of charge, March 24th from 1:30-3:00pm. Just call to reserve a seat, space is limited.

Heart Soul & Art is in East Cobb in the East Marietta Shopping Center at 1470 Roswell Road, Marietta. The Boutique and Gallery is open 6-days a week Tue-Sat 10-6pm and Sun 12-5pm. For more information, call: 678-315-5171 or visit www.heartsoulandart.com.

This article originally appeared in the March issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on page 23. Click here to view the digital edition.