For the next few weeks, we’ll interview an EAST COBBER team member to offer insight into their personal lives, hobbies, and more! Here at EAST COBBER we have some of the sharpest and nicest people in East Cobb on our team — but in addition to their day jobs, our employees have a wide array of hobbies, talents, and interests that make them truly unique. This Q&A aims to introduce our readers to the clever, informative, and witty members of the EAST COBBER family. Welcome to the first of our Employee Spotlight series.

Our first interview is with Michelle O’Shaughnessy, a Community Marketing Executive on our sales team.

Birthplace: New Jersey

Degree, college: BA New England College

What you do for the EAST COBBER: Advertising Sales

How many years have you been working for the EAST COBBER? 7 years

How long have you lived in East Cobb? 18 years

Family: Husband, Dan O’Shaughnessy; Daughter, Parker is a Freshman at Western Kentucky University; Paxton is a sophomore at Pope High School.

Favorite part about working for the EAST COBBER? Introducing the EAST COBBER to new businesses in East Cobb.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Song:  I love them all.

Favorite pastimes/hobbies: Running/walking and spending time with my husband and friends

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite place to vacation: Marco Island, Florida

Beer, wine or cocktail? Champagne

What is your “why?” My children

Name one thing people may not know about you:  I am afraid of heights

Last book read:  Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owen

Favorite inspirational quote: “Never apologize for who you are”