It is never easy when a close family member receives a devastating health diagnosis, especially a child. During infancy, Josephine Poe was diagnosed with pulmonary vein stenosis (PVS), a rare congenital heart condition. But through love and support through numerous surgeries and medical procedures, Liz and Benjamin Poe currently live with a renewed sense of hope knowing that their daughter is fighting hard and successfully managing her life-threatening diagnosis.LADY JOSEPHINE FOUNDATION TEES UP FOR THEIR THIRD ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT 1

In 2022, the couple founded the Lady Josephine Foundation to serve as a beacon of hope for other children and families experiencing a difficult health journey with PVS. Their mission is to show others that the condition can serve as a manageable chronic condition rather than a terminal diagnosis. Offering their support in several ways, the nonprofit facilitates PVS research to ensure an easier life for children with their families.

“We offer support to PVS families through prayer, connection, and financial means,” said Liz Poe, the organization’s Co-founder. “The foundation is 100 percent volunteer-based; all proceeds go to PVS families and PVS specific research.”

To help raise funds for their ongoing cause, the family hosts an annual golf tournament as a fun opportunity to garner awareness for PVS and engage with others experiencing similar challenges. All the funds raised provide families of children with PVS the means and support to receive treatment. The popular event also supports research through various centers that are striving to better understand, develop, and implement life–saving treatments for PVS. With the outing continuing to remain a success, the Poe family is excited for their third annual tournament.

“We are so thankful for our local community of East Cobb for the financial support through the golf tournament,” said Co-founder Benjamin Poe.“We recognize the critical role of dedicated medical teams and the power of love and support from family, friends, and even strangers.”

While this annual event will continue to be a tradition, the foundation has big plans for the future. Liz and Benjamin hope to establish monthly PVS family support groups and develop the foundation as a platform garnering awareness so that other families can host events of their own and raise funds for PVS research and support.

“Families will have a platform to share their stories and learn from experts on how to support their children on their PVS journey,” Liz said. “We also strive to reach our annual goal of raising $150,000.”

The Lady Josephine Foundation’s third annual golf tournament fundraiser will be held at Cobb County’s own Atlanta Country Club on Monday, Sept. 16. To learn more about the foundation and how to become involved, visit their website at To participate as a golfer or become an event sponsor for the tournament, call 770-580-0978.