The Coder School is an after-school enrichment pro gram for kids ages 5-17 that teaches them to code AKA  program computers! The instructors are passionate about  teaching the next generation all about coding and how to  become CREATORS and not just consumers of technology.  The Coder School offers private and group coding classes  as well as several coding and robotics clubs that are taught  within elementary and middle schools nearby, including  several East Cobb schools as full-time computer programming instructors! 

The summer camps are an incredible way for kids to  experience everything offered at The Coder School, which  strives to work hard to provide the best of the best camps  anywhere in Georgia! Students can learn Robotics, LEGO,  Minecraft and Roblox coding, Scratch, Python, Java,  JavaScript, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, and more.  For a limited time, The Coder School offers a $100 early  bird discount for summer camps! If you’d like to see if The  Coder school is a good fit for your child, contact us today  to set up a FREE trial coding lesson to see what The Coder  School is all about! The Coder School is located at 3162  Johnson Ferry Road, Unit 430, in Marietta/East Cobb. To  schedule your free trial lesson, call 404-947-6047 or visit