As I sit and write this month’s Publisher’s Note, tragically, our nation is once again confronted with a school shooting. 17 more lives were cut short at a Florida high school (!) and so many more have been affected by this shocking violence. We must take action to ensure that our schools are once again safe havens for our children and youth. I am hopeful that the protests, town halls and conversations will produce some common sense solutions. During this time of shock and grief, I realize there will be times in our lives that we will be faced with unexpected situations and devastating events which force us to realize what is most important. At times like these, I cope by focusing on the people in my life and the little, everyday things that really make life special and worthwhile. I hope you will find in this issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, stories which help you focus on the special connections in our community and inspire you in your personal life.

This issue features stories of East Cobbers who have created special events to raise money to help those in need. From the two moms creating a fundraiser for breast cancer research (see page 48) and a local firefighter coordinating a fun event to raise money for childhood cancer research (see page 44), the EAST COBBER is happy to shine a light on their efforts.

Easter is coming and that means fun Easter egg hunts will be hosted around the East Cobb community. Check out page 52 for a list of local Easter Egg Hunts. Another sign of spring are the consignment sales all around town. Page 50 provides a comprehensive list of local consignment sales. This month’s magazine also includes our annual Home & Garden special section which provides some local resources and inspiration to make your house a home.

Local Inspiration During These Trying Times

Cynthia M. Rozzo Founder l Publisher

We may not have the perfect circumstances –career, home or relationships. Few of us do. But if we have the gift of today, we have a chance to re-create our circumstances and make them as perfect as possible with the resources we have. As the English playwright George Bernard Shaw, observed, “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want . . . and if they can’t find them, make them.” These fellow East Cobbers featured in this issue (including our advertisers, most are small business owners) have that attitude, and because of it are making our East Cobb community a better place.

This publisher’s note originally appeared in the March issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on page 4. Click here to view the digital edition.