East Cobber Aurelie Barrial, an integrative nutrition health coach, created Cooking For $1 out of a bet. “What if I could prove that it is possible to cook a healthy meal for only one dollar? I could help a lot of people solve both financial and health related issues,” says Aurelie. The cookbook includes 70 recipes that cost one dollar or less per serving and tips for organizing your kitchen!

As a French citizen who has lived in seven countries, Aurelie has a lot to share regarding culinary culture around the world. Her recipes are easy, tasty, affordable, and customizable. She contends that cooking and eating healthfully can bring more joy.

This book can be a resource for many different people: people who are tired of spending their paycheck on food, people who would like to save for other projects, people who don’t know where to start to cook at home, students who live on a budget, or just curious people wondering: “cooking for one dollar?”

Cooking For $1 is available in paperback on amazon.com.