Featured on our cover this month is Alexia Cargal, this year’s EAST COBBER Mother of the Year, with her son, James, 2 1/2. “I am so flattered and touched that I was nominated,” says Alexia. Juggling her full-time job as a director of social media and managing the special medical needs of her son who has Cystic Fibrosis is “a challenge” says Alexia, but she credits her network of support— especially, her husband, Derrick. Alexia is eagerly expecting another baby in early May.

See Page 6 for the winning “Mother of the Year” essay and for a list of gifts for the Mother of the Year donated by local merchants.

Cover photo taken by Jeremy Adamo of Adamo Photography. This article originally appeared in our May issue of EAST COBBER, on page 4. Click here to view the digital edition.