There are many inspiring examples of powerful females, killing it at the tops of their fields and in the trenches, helping to make the world a better place for everyone. Political candidates, hard-hitting journalists, female CEOs, and sports superstars. Who are the most inspiring female role models in your world? I hold the hope that the most important, effective role models for girls is still their moms. Hobbies and habits, courtesy and consideration, ethics (right and wrong), morality (more right and wrong), what to eat, when to exercise, how to behave around others, the cultural rules and regs – in fact, how to be a human being – are learned from moms.

I am lucky to have my mom as one of my biggest role models. As clichéd and corny as it may sound, its true! She was a working mom (a school teacher, so her scheduled was in sync with her kids) with five children (one with special needs) striving to not only give us the material things: clothes, food, a safe place to live. She also gave us enough love that each night when my brother and sisters and I went to bed, we were secure in the knowledge that we were loved. With my father’s support, she managed to finish her college degree (which had been interrupted by the birth of 5 children.) One of my earliest memories of my mother is attending her graduation seeing her dressed in the classic cap and gown holding the diploma. That snapshot still speaks volumes on the values imparted to me: the importance of education, independence, and determination.

That’s why I am happy to sponsor the EAST COBBER Mother of the Year essay contest. By honoring a mother in our East Cobb community, I hope to honor the millions of mothers whose lives are compelling examples of unwavering, unyielding, uninterrupted commitment to their children and families. And for those moms who have daughters (like me!) know that your actions today will be building blocks for creating women unafraid of showing and sharing their substance and intelligence.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This Publisher’s Note originally appeared in the May issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on page 4. Click here to view the digital edition.