Studying, Performing, or Simply Listening to Music: People of All Ages Will Likely Experience Health Benefits Whenever Music is Involved 

Many of us enjoy listening to music, but did you know that there are documented health benefits associated with most of the different kinds of interactions that people typically have with music? It’s  true! Whether you are actively studying music (including learning to play an instrument), or performing on an  instrument that you already know how to play, or simply  enjoying listening to music, numerous studies have shown  that incorporating music into many situations can yield  various health benefits, for people of any age. 

While you must be careful about volume levels—particularly when using headphones or earbuds—listening to  music can sharpen your thinking and improve your memory. It can even make you feel better, through physio logical changes that occur in your brain when listening  to music, which help to regulate your mood (and reduce  stress and anxiety in the process). 

Playing an instrument, and in particular the act of  learning how to play an instrument, goes even further  than merely listening. When children do so, they set  themselves up for greater successes later in life; when  older folks do so, they can actually help to prolong their  life, and/or improve the quality of their life. 

Music doesn’t discriminate; it benefits everyone that  interacts with it, but you can make the most of those  

Become a fan of benefits by actively participating in music. Don’t just listen to your favorite music; really focus on the details. Or  better yet, learn to play those songs on a musical instrument! Your mind and body will thank you for it. 

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By Stephen Carrington, Stephen’s Guitar Lessons of Marietta GA; © 2024