On a rainy Wednesday in late June, 84 members of the National Charity League (NCL) of East Cobb came together for the inaugural Impact and  Ticktocker Day. The event aimed to  benefit The Sandwich Project Atlanta,  a nonprofit fighting food insecurity in  Metro Atlanta. NCL East Cobb’s mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.  

Former President and VP of Ticktockers, Kimberly  Webb, kicked off the event with a quote from Martin  Luther King, Jr.: “If I cannot do great things, I can do small  things in a great way.” This served as a reminder of the  significant impact even small acts can have on our community greatly. Elsa Shilling, a Class of 2025 Ticktocker,  delivered a poignant presentation on food insecurity in  Atlanta, introducing The Sandwich Project to the attendees. Miss Shilling highlighted that 1 in 8 Georgians, including 500,000+ children and numerous households with veterans, are affected by food insecurity. 

The Sandwich Project, established  in 2020 in response to the challenges  posed by COVID-19, and is a nonprof it organization with a network of volunteers who make and deliver fresh,  homemade sandwiches to people  experiencing food insecurity through out Metro Atlanta. With over 4,000  volunteers and more than 30 collection sites, they serve over 60 charities.  Since June of 2021, NCL East Cobb  has contributed an impressive 35,404 sandwiches to The Sandwich Project. Additionally, twelve  of our mother-daughter duos or trios from NCL East Cobb  have generously donated over 550 sandwiches.  

The members of NCL East Cobb demonstrated their  commitment by making a total of 729 sandwiches during  the event, which was in the hands of those with food  insecurities the very next day.  

For more information about NCL East Cobb, please  visit www.nationalcharityleague.org/chapter/eastcobb 

For more information about The Sandwich Project,  please visit www.thesandwichproject.org.