As we open our calendars to 2021, most of us are trying to sort out the past year. Sophie Webster, Certified Life and Health Coach for East Cobb’s Laureavida Wellness LLC, points to not only the psychological, emotional, and physical scars of the pandemic, but also our country’s political divide that has created conflict among families and friends. With this chaotic backdrop, how do we move forward?

Pandemic issues and political division are just two of the many challenges that individuals and families face. If you are struggling with daily routines, counseling and/or lifestyle coaching could be instrumental in helping you find answers for yourself or a loved one.

Working in partnership with Laureavida, Marietta Roswell Counseling LLC (MRC) is a mental health counseling practice providing individuals from three-year-old children to seniors, couples, and families with the necessary skills to build healthy lifestyles and satisfying relationships. MRC has five licensed therapists who specialize in different aspects of mental health needs. Depending on each client situation, MRC therapists offer online or in-person counseling sessions. Stringent cleanliness processes have been implemented at the office for face-to-face meetings. All therapists are Telehealthcertified and licensed in Georgia, with one therapist licensed also in South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida.

All sessions are client-centered, meeting each individual where he or she is. MRC addresses numerous mental health issues, including depression, anxiety disorders, stress management, addiction, grief, divorce/co-parenting, marriage and relationship counseling, work and career issues – to name a few.

Scott Pennington, LPC, serves as MRC’s Clinical Director. Pennington specializes in working with teens, individuals, and couples (pre-marital and marital therapy), as well as with co-parenting and family issues. Having a corporate background coupled with a need to help others, Pennington returned to school and changed career 10 years ago to become an LPC. As a mental health professional, he brings experience from clinical, institutional, and private practices.

“This past year amplified stressors that were already in play,” explains Pennington. “MRC works with local schools and provides counseling for Cobb County schools in emergency situations. Before COVID-19, students were stressed with pressures from family and society to achieve high standards academically and athletically. Now add isolation from friends, and you have the perfect storm for mental health concerns.

“Sharing the same office space with MRC, Webster began Laureavida Wellness, which offers life and health coaching, integrating body and mind to help clients (18 years and older) achieve their goals. These lifestyle goals can include overcoming challenges to survive COVID-19, following a healthy lifestyle, redefining yourself after divorce, planning retirement, and navigating many other life-altering transitions. Sessions are offered online for clients in all 50 states or sometimes face-to-face for Cobb County and the Highlands area in North Carolina.

Like Pennington, Webster spent many years in the corporate world. When her company moved her department to Los Angeles, she decided it was time for a new career where she could give back. Born and raised in France, Webster always followed the French healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Laureavida Wellness was born out of her passion to share this knowledge with others and educate them on how to achieve more balanced and fulfilling lives.

“When I saw how rewarding working as a counselor was for Scott (Pennington), I was inspired to join the effort as a coach,” says Webster. “We also saw the power in the two practices complementing one another.“Our approach is unique in that Laureavida Wellness partners with MRC when needed to offer clients with the maximum chance for success,” continues Webster. “A person’s emotional state or past non-healed events or trauma could greatly impede future goals unless addressed through a qualified therapist. In addition, adopting a healthy lifestyle can improve not only our physical but also mental state. For example, a healthy relationship with food and a balanced lifestyle could improve conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD since 90% of serotonin, the mood and cognition neurotransmitter, and 80% of our immune system are coming from our gut. Through this partnership, we offer the client who desires it the opportunity to explore optimum ways to reach a healthy lifestyle and a fulfilling life with our mind and body approach.

“Services offered through MRC and/or Laureavida Wellness may be just what you need for 2021! The East Cobb office is located at 2850 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 200/250, Marietta. For more information on Marietta Roswell Counseling, visit Hours are Monday- Sunday: 8am-8pm for a session with a licensed therapist. For more information on Laureavida Wellness, visit Hours are Monday- Thursday: 11am-7pm. To make an appointment for either service, call the office at 678-691-8130.

This article originally appeared in the January/February issue. You can access the digital edition HERE.