In the world of contact sports, opportunities are often sparse for female athletes. But since the resurgence  of roller derby in the early 2000s, women across the  country have enjoyed participating in the fast-paced sport. Keeping the game running strong throughout the  Cobb community, Peach State Roller Derby (PSRD) offers  women the opportunity to join in the fun for experienced  players and newcomers alike. Primarily going by their skater names, the team is excited to see the sport picking up  traction and building a fanbase. 

“In the early days, the public view was still very  much that it was a spectacle more so than a sport,” said  BiblioBlitzkrieg, the team’s Assistant Coach. “It’s been really delightful to witness the sport’s reputation elevate and  be taken seriously…now there is a much clearer awareness of both the athleticism and risk involved.” 

Since 2011, PSRD has remained a community staple serving as a nonprofit, amateur sports organization. Originally called the Marietta Derby Darlins, they  merged with the Rome Roller Girls in 2015 to form PSRD,  a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) ranked  team. While creating a supportive, inclusive, and diverse  environment for their team members, PSRD offers training  for adult women interested in becoming skaters. While no  prior experience is necessary, those interested must be  aged 18 or older and able to skate while having the proper skates and safety equipment. 

“During the pandemic, while roller derby was placed  on hold, we spent the time working on developing a new  skater curriculum designed to teach the basic skating  skills needed to play roller derby safely,” BiblioBlitzkrieg  said. “We offer four-week workshops to go over those  skills progressively. The workshops cover balance, falling,  stopping, agility, and speed while adding fun and games  to introduce the skaters to the sport as well as the team.” 

Roller Derby is an intense display of athleticism that  empowers women in a competitive team setting.  

“Roller derby is a fast-paced, high-scoring sport, which  makes it fun to watch and easy to get sucked into. Not  only that but because it’s full-contact and on wheels,  it provides a lot of unexpected thrills,” said Estrogeena  Davis, one of the team’s blockers and occasional jammers. “It brings a unique recreational experience to the  women of East Cobb, in addition to providing a very distinctive spectator sport.” 

PSRD has several upcoming appearances on its  calendar. The next bout is Sunday, August 13, at 11am at  Sparkles of Kennesaw. They can also be seen skating at  the East Cobber Parade & Festival at 10am on Sunday,  September 9, where they will also have a booth at the  festival.  

Visit to learn more about  the team, future events, and how to become involved.