Are you concerned about hearing loss for yourself or a loved one? Ear and hearing problems can happen at any age and can impact your balance, career and quality of life. Melissa Wikoff, Au.D., recently opened Peachtree Hearing in East Cobb and recommends that everyone get their hearing checked once a year. Dr. Wikoff has been treating patients for years in California and Georgia, but when there was a chance to open a private practice in East Cobb, she and her husband welcomed the opportunity. A Walton graduate, Josh Wikoff grew up in East Cobb and knew that it would be the perfect place to open a practice with his wife.

Peachtree Hearing is a premier hearing boutique, and the staff prides itself on providing customized treatments to address each patient’s specific needs. To ensure this, Peachtree Hearing uses the latest technology and scientifically proven techniques. Dr. Wikoff provides an alternative to the large practice and “big box” store experience. They offer a wide selection of hearing aids that are barely visible and can connect wirelessly to smart phone technology.

Located in Parkaire Medical Center, 4939 Lower Roswell Rd., Peachtree Hearing also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness. Dizziness is typically due to disorders of the inner ear. Left untreated, dizziness can be a debilitating illness, but with the correct diagnosis, inner ear disorders can be managed and treated. Additionally, the staff can diagnose and treat Tinnitus (ringing of the ear) that can negatively impact quality of life.

Untreated hearing loss can be stressful and exhausting. The earlier hearing loss is treated, the less it can affect the rest of your life. To schedule your consultation, call 470- 485-4327, email or visit

This article originally appeared in the EAST COBBER September 2016 Issue.