Animal/Breed: Hound Mix

Age and Gender: 16 months and Female

Favorite Food: Chicken Filet Dog Treats (they smell so bad but taste so good!)

Favorite Person: Natalie (age 9) and Christina (age 14) and Sean (age 50!)

Best Trick: Can grab toothpaste off the counter with amazing speed and run very fast with it

Turn Ons: Trying to get squirrels; car rides; going to pick up kids from practice; walking

Turn Offs: Going to her crate when she knows she is bad

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls and Squeaky Snake from Walmart

Last Seen: Looking out our front bay window at friends, neighbors and other dogs

What Makes Your Pet So Special: Maggie has such personality! When she gets in trouble, she hangs her head like a little child. When she is happy she opens her mouth and gets excited. It is almost like she is smiling! You know exactly what she is thinking and it’s clear what she wants to do and what she doesn’t want to do! When Sean (dad) is gone, she tries to get up on the bed when she knows she shouldn’t and pretends not to hear when you tell her to get down.

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