Freckles’ breed is recused (from the Atlanta Animal Shelter), but we have no reason to believe that he is mainly the red heeler variety of Australian Cattle Dog. Freckles was called Wallaby when we rescued him about 8 years ago, and he had heartworm. But, when we arrived home and he cuddled to my wife, who noticed the spots on his snout and forelegs, he became Freckles. Frecky, as we often call him, was treated for his heartworm, and will become 11 years of age in April (we believe), and his favorite food is roast chicken mixed in his kibble. His favorite snack is Pet N’ Shape Dumbbells (but he generously leaves the stick connecting the two balls for his sister to eat). Freckles favorite person is me, his daddy, and I am told that he cries when I leave the house. On the other hand, he is turned on when he goes to the dog park. He does not do any tricks because he is a herding dog- a working dog- and he earns his board by cleaning his sister’s ears. And by announcing visitors-loudly. His “job” includes listening for cheese being unwrapped- any kind of cheese- which he does quite well (and expects to receive a  morsel for doing so) [And if you think I’m kidding, he’s uncanny]. Freckles favorite toy is his blue blanket, which he chews constantly, and he was last seen wagging his tail or licking (kissing) someone. So, what makes Freckles special? All of the above, and an incredibly loving personality as I assume would be confirmed by anyone who comes to Sweat Mountain Dog Park in the late afternoon. And who owns Freckles? Our veterinarian’s record indicate that my wife of 58 years owns all of our dogs, and I dare not dispute the records..

Submitted by Judge Alan J. White. This pet was featured in the 9th Annual Pet Guide, a special section in the November 2015 issue of the EAST COBBER.


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