A simple idea between Pope high school students has sparked the creation of a new non-profit, Tutors For Tumors (TFT). The three founders Mateo Weeks, Sean Yan, and Prakash Mitra met in middle school, became friends, helping each other learn and prepare for exams. “Eventually, we took our love of learning and started explaining a concept to our friends or would help a struggling student with a complex math problem,” says co-founder Prakash Mitra. These interactions would soon lead to full-on tutoring sessions with their peers.  

“We initially started to tutor our peers as a way of  helping ourselves understand the content better while  supporting other confused classmates. It wasn’t long  after we concluded that there might be a future with our  tutoring. Instead of profiting from this tutoring, we wanted  to give back to the community that helped us get where  we are today,” says Sean Yan, another co-founder of  Tutors For Tumors. 

So they created a non-profit organization that would  tutor kids in the community while giving 100% of the funds  to brain research. Why donate their earnings to brain  research? As Mateo explains, “A few years ago, my  younger cousin suddenly passed away due to a brain  aneurysm at just eleven years old. His death took a toll  on his parents and brothers. I began to do more research and found out brain aneurysms are one of the least  studied phenomena in the medical world. In fact, the  federal government only spends two dollars per year on  research per person afflicted.” 

The TFT tutors offer tutoring in Math, English, Reading,  Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and SAT to students  from elementary to high school juniors. Tutors For Tumors’  tutors are academically-gifted students at Pope High  School. TFT tutors must have at least a 3.9 GPA and  are hand-selected to best suit the student’s needs.  For more information and/or to book a session, email:  tutorbeattumor@gmail.com.