For 50 years, the National PTA has promoted Reflections, its arts appreciation and recognition program. It is part of the PTA’s mission to ensure all children receive a quality education, including an arts education.


This year, students created their vision of “Heroes Around Me.” The East Cobb County Council (ECCC) received artwork from 27 schools. Over 300 entries were submitted from students K-12 in six categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. The students were first recognized, judged and celebrated at their local school. Those who won at their school advanced to the council level, and in November, numerous judges (to whom we are extremely grateful!) volunteered their time to review the entries. They selected the finalists whose work was submitted to the Georgia State PTA to be judged to possibly move on to the national level.

On November 27, 2018, an awards ceremony and exhibition were held to honor the East Cobb students who were selected to advance to the state level. Students’ work was exhibited and students were invited to perform their work. It was a wonderful evening celebrating the creativity and hard work of our East Cobb students.

We hope to receive even more submissions next year. It’s never too early to have your students start planning. The PTA Reflections theme for 2019-2020 is “Look Within.”

Congratulations to our ECCC winners and good luck at the next stage of the competition!

Dance Choreography
Aara Ahn
Aahana Satish
Davaju Babalola
Abigail Kruse
Hannah Hardin
Emerson Lindsley
Adison Branch
Kelly Gilbert
Pasha Clayton
Sangyethia Joseph
Avery White
Raliyah Joseph
Janya Gowda
Maggie Driemeyer
Emma Zeng
Rhea Singi
Smrithi Krishna

Shreya Khanna
Addie Simons
David Barry
August Branch
Caleigh Barnett
Giuliana Achtenberg
Hayden Campbell
Naila Julien

Aarsheya Gunjal
Jaclyn Kabakoff
Medha Gunda
Kahliya Clayton
Shreya Khanna
Vikashini Venkatasamy
Kaeley Sinclair
Olivia Leone
Seneca Crosby
Ayan Shetye
Sophia Song
Ananya Rajagopalan
Arka Bhaumik
Adrija Chakraborty
Kingshuk Ganguli
Claire Weed
Ariana Martinez
Paige Vandenbussche
Ariana Virani
Anushka Jain
Risha Hegde
Samyukta Iyer
Aahana Satish

Music Composition
Alashia Lindsay
Kirti Subramanian
Eric Mo
Shreya Khanna
Aahana Satish
Sesharaman Krishnan
Senria Nath
Aidan Reilly
Claire Kopriva
Priyanka Bhandarkar
Aditi Subramanian
Amalia Quinn
June Hutchinson
Clarabelle Sung
Harshika Prasad
Grace Lege
Sarah Grace Simons
Oliver Long
Samukta Iyer
Anahelle Villefranche

Kahliya Clayton
Madeleine Grant
Sesharaman Krishnan
Turner Sahadevan
Zoe Reed
Shreya Ram
Krishiv Sharma
Ryan Rashidi
Violet Rashidi
William Fernandez
Emma Pellicano
Katy Brucciani
Lexi Lindstrom
Savannah Garrett
Jasmine Bellinger
Charlie Magato
Trey Sprecher
Leonardo Donato
Lauren Trevathan
Graham Cauthon
Millie McMurtrie
Abigail Scheffel
Lexi Fenwick
Devin Poyette
Regan Gilbert

Visual Arts
Anika Viswanathan
Morris Lin
Sanjana Konduru
Gargi Telang
Jennifer Rawlinson
Brinda Gururaj
Ellana Yang
Grace Huang
Anna Gurevich
Adeline Morley
Izabella Wallace
Mary Lan
Nicholas Nesmith
Isabel Nader
Payton Crowe
Savanna Herring
Eric Xu
Clarabelle Sung
Nicole Nicolescu
Chung Chit (Elvis) Yun
Jana Dai
Vadansshi Mohanty
Amy Cataldo
Beck Pawlowski
Emma Woodman
Heather Byers
Maha Mohsin
Parker Walden
Renee Chen
Samukta Iyer

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This article was written by Aimee Pullet and Shannon Bonds, Co-Chairs, East Cobb County Council of PTAs Reflections Committee and originally appeared in the February issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on pages 8-9. Click here to view the digital edition.