The last few months sure have been strange and many, if not most, COVID questions remain unanswered and who knows what will ever be the same, but the good news is, you can continue to count on EAST COBBER. I cannot thank you enough for the countless phone calls, emails and personal notes encouraging us through these past couple of months. Using our social media platforms, we have not stopped shining a light on local businesses, recent grads, and other East Cobb residents doing great things in the face of adversity. Afterall, as Darwin famously said, “It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Like other local businesses, EAST COBBER is doing its best to find a way to adapt to the current environment.

So many things I took for granted are gone (for now): random encounters while shopping, gatherings with friends, casual chats while walking my dog and checking out events around town. Speaking of events, as the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, I have decided to cancel the EAST COBBER Parade + Festival in order to protect the health of parade participants, attendees, exhibitors, and employees. For more information, see page 17.

I’m trying to establish a new way of living, and I’m grateful to be safe and healthy. While many people globally are devastated by the pandemic, I am incredibly privileged to stay at home reading, watching movies and working. Just about everyone I speak to has experienced some sort of loss from domestic routines to cancelled spring sports to being furloughed. One poignant loss is my staff’s kids graduating without celebrating their academic milestones. Whether it’s their seniors in high school or a little fifth grader moving up to middle school that isn’t getting to say goodbye to his friends or marking that achievement. So, I am sharing their graduates’ photos below. While this is an unconventional way to honor them, they’ve studied hard and they deserve some recognition.

Publisher's Note 13

This COVID crisis has the potential to change us both individually and collectively for the better, though the growth may not be welcome or comfortable. Hopefully, we will get through this pandemic with an improved sense of humanity.

In the meantime, continue to practice safe social distancing and masking, and keep the faith. I thank you for your support and readership!

Cynthia M. Rozzo, Founder l Publisher

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