Most of us do not consider our work in a romantic way. But I believe work as a parent, a teacher, volunteer, or whatever passion we pursue allows us to show our love for others by contributing our talents for a greater good. This February edition of the EAST COBBER spotlights those people in our East Cobb community fulfilling their part by working from the heart. From Pope students starting a nonprofit after losing a loved one (see page 8) to the members of the Big Chicken Chorus singing Valentine’s Day wishes (see page 10) to the organizers of a wildlife baby shower (see page 17)—all are examples of East Cobbers showing their love through their work.

This edition also marks the 22nd anniversary of the special section, “Child Care and Preschool Guide.” This is put together for all new families who may be in search of these services. Not only is there numerous options of childcare and preschools offered right here in our own backyard, but it’s also the high caliber of childcare facilities that play a vital role in the healthy development of our children. The information on pages 18-23 fulfills the EAST COBBER’s mission to provide, you, the reader, with useful information about our community. It is my hope that this issue, like every issue, is a handy reference for East Cobb residents in search of local resources as well as a source of inspiration.

I <3 East Cobb!

Laren Brown, Publisher