Last year the East Cobber featured an article about Debunking Recycling Myths. This year the East Cobb  County Council (ECCC) of PTA’s has an opportunity to  discuss recycling myths specific to our schools.  

POP-QUIZ! True or False? 

  1. It would cost our schools money to recycle. FALSE

All schools in Cobb County have recycling dumpsters on campus. These are included in the  Sanitation & Recycling Program managed by Cobb  County School District.  

  1. Schools can only recycle paper. FALSE 

School recycling works exactly as home recycling.  Schools can collect paper, cardboard aluminum, tin and  plastic 1 & 2 and put in the recycling dumpster.

3. It would be a lot more work to collect recycling. FALSE 

Recycling in schools does not create more waste, it’s  the exact same amount of material. It’s simply that non-recyclable materials go to the trash dumpster (or compactor)  while recyclable materials go to the recycling dumpster  (located right next to the trash dumpster).  

The Environmental Education Committee for the ECCC  of PTA’s is committed to helping all of the 35 schools in our  council launch, review or enhance their recycling program.  

A few schools getting A’s in recycling.  

Sope Creek Elementary School hosted a drive for  non-working holiday lights and collected 90lbs!! They delivered to ABC Recycling where they received a small amount  for per pound.  

East Side Elementary School, in addition to classroom  recycling, collects snack packages (chips, goldfish, etc.)  through a program with TerraCycle. The Green Team collects on Friday mornings and have diverted 146lbs of wrappers from this landfill this school year alone! 

Mount View Elementary School has collected 5300lbs  of mixed recycling (that’s 1800 gallons of gasoline avoided,  which is like removing 3 ½ cars from the road for a year!).  

Hightower Trail Middle School has a clothes & shoes col lection bin that keeps these materials out of the landfill and  serves as an ongoing fundraiser equaling hundreds of dollars.  

Is your school recycling? If not, reach out to the ECCC  of PTA’s for ideas and advice on how to get started.  

If you are recycling but would like to up your game  here are a few resources and events:  

My Green Earth, Inc ( has a  Classroom Recycling Impact Tracker that will help you under stand how many pounds you are saving from the landfill. 

Keep Cobb Beautiful ( has  various environmental presentations that teachers/administration can request to schedule at their school.  

Recycling Roundtable. Friday, April 26th @ 11am – Unity  North Atlanta Church. Interactive and informative panel of  local experts from across the county to provide you with the  latest information on recycling best practices, and answer  all of your questions about the recycling process. Space  limited so please register in advance,  

ECCC PTA School of Information. Wednesday, May  8th @ 9am – Location TBD. The Environmental Education  Committee will have a breakout session focusing on  classroom and school-wide recycling, butterfly gardens,  hard-to-recycle collects and more. Email for more info.  

Jamey Moran is Cheers to Recycling, founder and helps educate young people in the area as the Environmental  Education Committee (EEC) Chair for East Side Elementary PTA. She is also the EEC Chair for the East Cobb County Council PTA. Morna is also Board Member for the local nonprofit My  Green Earth ( According to their  website, they are “on a mission to make Cobb County the  #1 most sustainable county in all of Georgia.”


Article Written by By Jamey Moran