Pursuing the “American  Dream” and making the  move to the United States  to start a thriving career  is never easy. But that  didn’t stop Rosa Routh  from working hard day and  night to adapt to American  culture, learn a new language, and follow her  passion for working in the  beauty industry. 

“Ever since I was little,  it felt as if I had a gift,”  she said. “I know that for  some people it is hard to  take care of themselves  and helping them gives me  purpose and drive.” 

Serving as the owner of  Relax & Wax’s East Cobb  location for years, Rosa  doesn’t take a single day  for granted as she reflects  on her long and difficult  journey to be where she  is. While initially planning  to only live in America for  one year, she traveled from  her home country of Brazil  to garner the schooling  and experience necessary  for her beauty career  endeavors. 

“At that time, I had limited knowledge of the  English language and was  working multiple jobs  just to make ends meet.  During the day, I would clean several houses, and  at night, I would attend English language classes at  a local church,” Rosa said.  “As my English language  skills improved, I decided  to enroll in Massage Therapy classes to work  towards my license.” 

During her time schooling in Massage  Therapy, she quickly met a  few students and became  fast friends. They made  plans to open a salon  together after graduating.  Things immediately took  a turn for the worse after  six months of running the  business together. Her  friends didn’t trust that her  abilities would allow her  to succeed, which led to  them parting ways. But that didn’t hold her back from  using her natural talents  and abilities to brighten others. 

Even though she was  discouraged, she was  determined to succeed.  At the beginning of 2015,  she packed her things and  relocated to East Cobb to  open her own salon; she  bought into the Relax &  Wax franchise and was  ready to build her own  business. She mentioned,  “I expanded my business  until the pandemic, where,  like most businesses, I  struggled.” 

But that didn’t stop her as she wasn’t new  to surviving financial  challenges thrown her  way. Since her childhood, Rosa diligently worked any  side job she could find to  provide for herself. I got an amazing gig nannying for a wealthier  family in Brazil,” she said.  “One of the children was  diagnosed with autism  and required a little help  accomplishing daily tasks.  Over time, she became  like my own daughter.  The family and I spent 12  years together and I am so  grateful I met them.” 

And now, as the store owner of a successful  skincare studio that provides a variety of services which include  laser hair removal, micro needling, waxing, facials,  and many more. She  does what she loves, she  can’t help but smile at the  amazing opportunities that  continue to come her way.  

When asked if she had any advice for those hoping  to start their own business,  she replied: “Life is going to throw  a lot at you no matter  where you come from  or who you are. You will  become discouraged and  may even try to give up but  don’t. The hardest things  in life are always the most rewarding.”