David Banks, Post 5

The following is not a complete list of actions the Board has taken this year, but I tried to identify those I thought were significant.

The first meeting in January 2010 resulted in the election of Ms. Lynnda Eagle as Board Chair and Ms. Holli Cash as Vice-Chair.

On January 28 the Board approved awarding to Telematics Solution the purchase and installation of 1230 units for the bus fleet. The Board also approved awarding a construction contract to J&R Construction & Development for the replacement of Eastside Elementary School. Also, a presentation by Kennesaw State University of the SPLOST III revenue projection resulting in a projected shortfall of approximate $200 million.

At the February 25th Board meeting, Edupoint Educational Systems was awarded the contract for the Student Scheduling System Phase I. A waiver was approved by the Board to allow for a RFP for the Smyrna Replacement Elementary School. The architect firm Chapman, Griffin, Lanier & Sussenbach was awarded the Lassiter High School Theater Addition/ Modifications with an estimated projected amount of $16,199,200. The architect firm Cunningham, Forehand, Matthews & Moore was appointed for the Clarkdale school replacement with an estimated projected cost of $19,269,194.

On March 25th the Lassiter High School 5A Girls Swim & Dive team was recognized by the Board as State Champions. The Board approved the award for Reroofing for Dowell & Kennesaw Elementary Schools for $1,030,610 and $1,255,800. The Board also approved the award to Doster Construction Company for $13,332,956 for the Addition/Renovations at North Cobb High School. The Boarded awarded to J. M. Williams a contract for HVAC at Varner Elementary School for an amount $1,674,000.

At the April 22nd Board meeting the Board gave recognition to the Wheeler Basketball team and to the Kennesaw Mountain High School Literary Team. In addition, Palmer Middle School was recognized for its AVID program. The Board approved the adoption of the Instructional Resources for 9-12 English Language Arts, 6-12 Foreign Language, and K-12 ESOL. The Board approved the “Reduction in Force” process in order to balance the budgetfor the 2010-2011 school years. The approval of an award for HVAC at Mabry Middle School and Murdock Elementary School for $1,918,000 and 1,330,000 respectively. The Board approved awarding contracts for Maintenance & Renovations for Green Acres Elementary to T. A. Millsap Construction for $848,426; Floyd Middle School awarded to Shirah Contracting Co. for $556,700; and Cooper Middle School awarded to Atlantic South Construction, Inc. for $624,700. The Board approved an award for HVAC and Fire Suppression replacement at Norton Park Elementary to JM Williams Construction Co. for $762,186; HVAC replacement for Campbell High School to E. Escher, Inc. for $1,019,000, Lost Mountain Middle School to E. Escher, Inc. for $368,500, and East Cobb Middle School to John F. Pennebaker Co. for $634,100. The Board approved awarding a contract to Nix Fowler Construction for Addition and Modification at South Cobb High School for $17,728,000.

On May 27th, the Board recognized the Kell Robotics Team. The Board approved the purchase of land for the Clarkdale Replacement Elementary School; the declaration of $23.6 million as Excess Proceeds from SPLOST II; the Site Plan for the Clarkdale Replacement Elementary School.

At the June 24th Board meeting, a Resolution to increase Class Size was approved. The Board approved appointment of Foreman-Seely-Fountain architect for the Addition/Modifications at Simpson Middle School for a projected construction cost of $15,431,418; to Perkins & Will architect for the Addition/Modifications at Garrett Middle School for a projected construction cost of $11,891,230; to JEA Architects for Addition/Modifications at McCleskey Middle School for a projected construction cost of $15,045,864.

At the July 22nd meeting, the Board set the 2010-2011 school year millage at 20 mills with a reduction of 1.1 mills from Excess Proceeds from SPLOST II funds for a net millage to the taxpayers of 18.9 mills resulting in no change for the taxpayer. The firm Moore & Cubbedge presented an audit report for SPLOST II and the firm Bates, Carter & Co. presented an audit for SPLOST III projects. The Board approved the appointment of CGLS Architects, Inc. for the Mabelton Elementary School replacement for an estimated construction cost of $22,086,167. The Board approved the award for Addition and Modifications for Sprayberry High School for a bid of $9,696,000; the original projected cost was $19,927,638. The Board approved a contract to Hensler, & Beavers General Contractors, Inc. for Addition and Modifications to Cheatham Hill Elementary School for $1,781,590.

At the August 26th meeting the Board recognized the District Teacher-of-The-Year; Kathleen Rosa- Compton Elementary, Lisa Tatum – Lost Mountain Middle School, and Christopher James – Osborne High School. Each received a car to drive for one year from the Ed Voyles Group. The Superintendent announced ACT scores increased. The Superintendent also announced that Cobb would receive $20 million from the RTTT award. The Board approved Phase II for the Student Scheduling System for a cost of $500,842. The Board approved the funding of $20,316,544 for the Wheeler High School project. The Board approved the designation of the Lassiter Theater to a District-wide Performance venue with a seating capacity 1,000 seats for an additional projected cost of $1 million.

At the September 16th Board meeting, the Harrison High School Baseball team was recognized as State Champions and the Harrison High School Boys’ Golf as State champions. The Board approved the Sedalia Park Elementary Charter School petition. The Board approved the Addition and Modification bid to Hensler and Beavers General Contractors, Inc. for $6,164,666. The original projected cost was $13,344,028. The Board also approved the SPLOST III Program Plan exclusion of the accelerated schedule.

At the October 28th Board meeting, the Board recognized Belmont Hills, Harrison, and Pope as RAMP award winners. The Board approved an award to Ricks Contractors, Inc for Addition and modifications to Bells Ferry Elementary school for a cost of $4,088,300. Approved the Human Resource/Payroll Implementation plan. The Board approved a plan to accelerate SPLOST III projects at a projected cost of $637,000 with a potential of saving $20-30 million in construction cost.

At the November 10th Board meeting, the Sales Tax Resolution to be presented to the Cobb Legislative delegates was approved. The Board approved awarding a contract to Cooper & Company for Addition and Modification for Pope High School for a cost of $8,483,000 – the original estimated cost was $14,197,344.

Written by David E. Banks, Cobb County School Board Post 5. Contact David at dbanks.boardmember@cobb k12.org.