Meet Jenny Angel. Jenny is 46, 5’10”, and lives in Marietta. Jenny is married with two middle school boys and is a certified financial planner. She recently joined the staff of her children’s school as a high school economics and Bible teacher. Jenny and her husband will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in January 2023.  

Jenny started Sparkle A New You Wellness with Jacynta Harb on January 7, 2022, and reached her goal weight in September 2022. Since then, she has lost an additional 10 pounds, for a total of 57. 

How did you come to find Sparkle Wellness?  

A dear friend invited me to join Sparkle Wellness. She has had amazing success in the program and wants to see all of her friends embrace a healthy lifestyle. I had lost weight before, the same twenty pounds over and over again, but this time was different. My mindset is different. I haven’t stopped.  

What eating habits did you change?  

I learned gluten is not my friend. It causes inflammation, both in my joints and in my sinuses. I avoid gluten and I definitely do not eat as much dairy as I once  did. I’m not 100% gluten or dairy free, but my intake of  both is minimal.  

I’ve also learned more about certain oils that cause  inflammation in the body, so I strive to avoid those as  well. I read labels, I eat real, whole foods and I am particular about what goes into my body.  

I eat to fuel my body and I eat to feel good. I  focus on getting a certain level of protein daily, at  least 100 grams, as well as a good variety of healthy  carbs and fats. And yes, I do have an indulgence  every once in a while.  

What is your exercise routine?  

I walk our dog twice a day for two to three miles.  For the first five months of my journey, that is pretty  much all I did, and you know what? I lost 33 pounds  during that time.  

What is the biggest challenge you faced on the journey?

Pushing through the plateaus and continuing to  believe in myself. Mindset is the key to success in your  Sparkle journey. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle change.  I embraced making better choices for me, for my health  and longevity. 

How you have triumphed along the way on the journey?

Resuming a consistent workout routine. Attending  group fitness classes twice a week is a win for me.  

Your 3 Top Tips for others:  

  1. Writing down anything and everything that I consume on a daily basis, as well as noting how it makes me  feel, gives me so much insight to make the best choices  for my health. 
  2. Join a group: Having the support of a community  is so important, no matter what journey you are walking.  We were created for community and I am grateful for  the Sparkle Wellness Community. 
  3. Move your body: Some activity is better than no  activity. If you need help, get a dog! 

How has your life changed? 

I do not have aching joints and my gut health is  much better. I also feel empowered. I have confidence  I can maintain this lifestyle while continuing to grow and learn in my wellness journey. I wish that I had started  sooner! If you are making excuses as to why you couldn’t  possibly lose weight or get healthier, come join us. You’ll  be glad you did! To learn more about Sparkle Wellness,  visit