Do you want your child to start the next school year with confidence and motivated to learn? East Cobb’s Huntington Learning Center (Huntington) offers a summer tutoring series that not only eliminates the summer slide but also helps children move to the next academic level.

Summer can be a critical transitional time for kids, especially if they are entering first grade, middle school or high school. “We want your child to start the new year feeling like they can conquer anything,” shares Frank Fabregas, franchise owner. “We want them to feel like superheroes.”

The summer slide is a real thing. A research study by John Hopkins University has proven that without educational activity during the summer, all students experience learning loss, especially in math.

For elementary, middle and high school students, the certified educators at Huntington give each child a personalized academic assessment in all subject areas, so that they can identify strengths and weaknesses and start the child in the right place. The educators then design a curriculum specifically for that student. Parents may be concerned about math grades, but the assessment might show that the child needs support with reading comprehension as well.

“I didn’t know how to help my daughter, but I know she wasn’t finishing her work at school,” shares East Cobb mom Perla. “I took her to Huntington Learning Center for an assessment, which showed she was struggling with reading comprehension, and it was impacting her in all subjects. After a short time at Huntington, her school work improved tremendously, and her confidence increased. I’ve also seen this program benefit my middle school son and the high school students that I tutor in Spanish. Some of them are missing basic skills that can impact their overall educational success. Huntington helps build that foundation for learning.”

For the past five years, local Huntington franchise owners, Frank and Montse Fabregas have been offering tutoring and test preparation to students from kindergarten through high school. They have seen the benefits of summer learning firsthand with their students.

“Summer is the perfect time for kids to learn. They don’t have to worry about homework or grades, so they are free to explore and learn at a faster pace,” says Frank.

Frank and Montse Fabregas met in New York while in a program in Columbia University 25 years ago. They raised their children in Barcelona and then chose to move back to the United States for the educational experience. They have one son at the University of Barcelona and another at Lassiter High School. They chose to make East Cobb their home because of our high ranking schools and how parents make education a priority here.

Huntington Learning Center Helps Kids and Teens 2Huntington works with the youngest learners from kindergarten to second grade, many struggling with phonics and reading. It also works with older children who may lack math, reading, writing or study skills. They will work with the students intensively to improve their skills, track grades and assignments from school and help them with weekly study plans based on what’s a priority. They partner with parents and schools, so everyone is working together on behalf of the student.

“Struggling in school can impact a child’s self-esteem, and we nurture and support each child, in addition to teaching them the subject matter,” says Frank.

For high school students, Huntington provides also math, reading and study skills and other tutoring, but it also provides measurable improvement with standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. East Cobb mom Malin shares how the experience helped her son. “My son wanted to raise his ACT scores to open more college and scholarship opportunities. After studying and preparing at the Huntington Learning Center, he was able to raise his ACT score by six points,” says Malin.

Frank recommends that students take the ACT or SAT early in their junior year so they should prepare for these tests in their sophomore year and the summer prior to being a junior.

Their East Cobb location has designated rooms for each program. The main room hosts separate work spaces for the Huntington Math Program, Huntington Reading or Study Skills Programs. They have private rooms for ACT / SAT / SSAT exam prep and subject tutoring of any kind, and provide a large room with curriculum for the little ones. The center also has a break area and an office available for parents to work if needed.

Frank and Montse take pride in creating a family atmosphere at the center. “Our vision is to be the educational choice for local families who want support and results for their kids.”

Huntington Learning Center is conveniently located in the East Cobb Crossing shopping center, 4381 Roswell Road, Suite 240 in Marietta. Visit for more information or call 770-977-3112 for an appointment.

This article originally appeared in our May issue of EAST COBBER, on pages 19-20. Click here to view the digital edition.